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Virtual Reality: Future Game Development

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Virtual Reality: Future Game Development

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Khora VR invites everyone to hear about and try VR

When: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 9:30 – 11:30
Where: Khora VR, Høkerboderne 8, 1712 Kbh. V
Organized and presented by Khora VR

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The Virtual Reality: Future Game Development event is an exciting presentation of why VR is different from regular game development and why we need to relearn everything as developers, to fully take advantage of this new medium.

We will touch on what the strengths and weaknesses are with VR and what complications may present themselves during development, based on our of personal hands-on experience working with VR game development.

Speaker presentation

Dennis RisborgGame Designer and former Games Producer Dennis Risborg is 30 years old and grew up in northern jutland. At the age of 27 he managed multiple teams as a producer, doing mobile games such as Pixeline Star Hotel, School Help and MovieStarPlanet’s Star Studio.

Later on he started his own indie game company with two friends where he functioned as CEO and game designer. This was not fancy enough for Dennis though, so as a vr enthusiast or more precisely, fanatic, he ventured on to Copenhagen and started developing games for virtual reality at Khora.

This event is for anyone interested in- / already working with virtual reality game development or simply if you just want to hear about the medium, it’s possibilities and try it out hands-on in our demo. It is for you if you like fun new technology and if you can’t wait to transport and fully immerse yourself into the virtual world.

Are you not interested in working with virtual reality at the moment? Then this event might still be for you. Since you get the opportunity to try out the HTC Vive and listen in on the strengths and weaknesses of vr development you can give yourself an edge in the future.

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